What does upcycled mean?

Upcycling means repurposing used clothing to create awesome new pieces! Most are thrifted, some are awesome brand new graphic tees - and then we wash, recut and resew to make them into rompers, dresses, raglans, skirts or hoodies. We are very particular about the finds we thrift - all are washed and in good condition - no stains and minimal signs of wear and tear.

Have a favourite concert tee you'd love to repurpose for your kids? We also do custom work, read on below

Custom WORK

Our Upcycled items are all one of a kind and usually sell out in minutes. This can be disappointing when you see a piece you love, as they often can't be recreated. Maybe you never see exactly what you want? Perhaps you have something specific in mind? If so, a custom one would be a perfect option for you!

If you want a specific item, all you have to do is provide the t-shirt. Maybe you have some super cool ones kicking around the house? Or you'd rather buy new? Either way, if you can mail it to me or drop it off, then I can let you know what I can turn it into. Generally the larger the t-shirt the better, but I can usually make an awesome hoodie or raglan even if it's smaller.


I charge $35-$50 depending on the item made. For example a hoodie in a larger size requires more fabric and time than a smaller size dress, therefore the hoodie costs more.

Turnaround time is 1-3 weeks after I receive the item and have discussed with you options what I can make. The size of the t-shirt and graphic will affect what can be created, and what size of kids clothing it can make.

Full payment will be taken after I receive the item, but before I start any work.

If this is something you'd like to do, you can email lennonandlime@yahoo.ca with any further questions, or use my contact form here.